Taken a small break from (which probably breaks the rules) for some time away from the laptop, time with my partner, and time to just think and be

Just a reminder for anyone looking for a new instance: registration is currently open on humanities.one, an instance for Mastodon users interested in #anthropology, #archaeology, the #arts, #ethnicstudies, #genderstudies, #history, #linguistics, #literature, #philosophy, #politicalscience, #religion, etc. Professionals, academics, students and amateurs all welcome.

@amolith nice! I'd be keen to hear how it goes. Pop me an update if you think about it!

@ayin But hey, I think there are a ton of ethical providers out there (check out this list switching.social/).

My current approach is to use as much FOSS as I can, contribute where I can, but not be too preachy about it to my coworkers, business partners, or family.

@ayin That's a really good question. I've been thinking about this a bit during the last week or so (I'm on vacation at the moment).

The thing with Google is that, in many ways, the barrier to using them is so low, and the barrier to resisting them is quite high.

Of course it depends on how many of the Google services you currently use - but I think to degoogle 100% and do it all yourself, that's going to require a not-insignificant amount of skill, and time, and energy, and possibly money.

@amolith All of that has to be kept up to date and patched.

All in all its a tiny ecosystem of components all interacting in relatively complex ways. Add in the external threats, and you're certainly going to have some long nights, or some downtime here and there.

Its a good way to learn about the inner workings though - so there are definitely positive things to think about too!

@amolith The thing with email is that the whole space is a bit of an arms race. Everything you do to be a legitimate and responsible sender is under attack the whole time. So you have to keep an eye on your domain, make sure you've set it up correctly (DKIM, SPF, etc, etc) and keep up to date as the industry space changes. Then there is the security of the server and software itself. You'll have the MTA, but also spam software, anti virus, IMAP. 1/2

@amolith mailinabox.email/ is a good start - you can't really customize it though. There are some links to other, more complex, projects on their site.

Running your own email takes a lot of energy. I ran the mail for my personal, as well as our small company email. It took buckets of energy.

ProtonMail has options to run your own domain, I can almost guarantee it will cost less in time and money to contribute to their efforts.

But if you do choose to do it... more power to you!

@orekix :D all the power to you friend! I've done it before, and its a huge amount of work to do well. At least I thought it was. But I'm always very pro the idea of people controlling their own data!

@shamecrystal absolutely - there are roughly 1 gazillion moving parts to consider. Imma just pay someone. ;)

(I believe that ProtonMail is a really good company, technically and ethically)

Switching my personal email on a few domains back to after jettisoning the run-own-mail idea. Work email will have to stay with Gmail.

Found that pass (passwordstore.org) is basically the exact thing I was considering writing! So that's a nice win. Slowly migrating from lastpass to pass (gpg setup, still deciding on a git repo as backup and share).

todotxt-cli is super, and plays nicely with the Android app I'm using. Todo and notes working well now.


More work on getting i3 playing and looking nice. Switched back to urxvt, got some color going, and killer that god awful sidebar. R1D8

@kev Its a nice Saturday evening here in the Highlands of Scotland as well. Sláinte Fosstodon Friends

@bryangruneberg yes! It's really nice. I use two extensions called "Facebook container" and "Google container" that limit your Facebook and Google activities to those containers.

The Multi-Account Containers addon by is a really good idea. It firewalls cookies and other data inside walled gardens they call containers. Its going to help with the 5 different Google accounts I use daily! R1D7